Wednesday, January 5, 2011

The first time I met McGoo was in 1986, shortly after I had moved to California to work for BMX Plus magazine. I knew who he was and I was excited to meet him. However, my first interaction with this BMX industry celebrity was marred with facetiousness. Mr. McGruther spent several minutes describing his company's (CW Racing) latest contribution to BMX--radio controlled brakes for freestyle that eliminated the need for a detangler or any cables at all. He said the only problem was that the mechanism was too effective and was actually crushing the rim. Country mouse in the city fell for this spiel, more or less, while trying to decipher what this fast talking cat was all about. In the immediate years to come, McGoo and I became fast friends and have been bros at large ever since. Another fond memory is from about 1998, shortly after I had started the sales rep chapter in my life. I was in Vegas for a snowboard tradeshow and who did I happen across during a drunken, late night stroll through Casino X? McGoo, with skateboarding legends Danny Way and Colin McKay in tow. Instantly, we were back at square one and rolling hard. He is easily misinterpreted. He has the quickest wit of anyone I have ever known. He's at once insulting and charming and ultra intelligent. I love the dude more than I can put into words.... Crandall did the man justice without kissing his ass on the LeastMost. Peep it.

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