Tuesday, October 19, 2010


VST are the initials of my dad and this stem from SNAFU is a nod to BMX roots as deep as Vern's. I designed this gooseneck over a year ago and after a couple mis-fires in the early samples and a long wait for the final, revised production model, I finally got my hands on one. Of course, it was purple, so I had to give it the once over with some oven cleaner, scotch-brite, 400 grit wet-or-dry and Semi-chrome polish (the best ever), but it now "meets my approval" (something my dad would say). I want to thank my good friend McGoo for giving me the opportunity to create something that means more than I can explain in words. Seeing two different guys running the VST stem a week ago at the Vital Game of Bike in California and Jeremiah Smith with one on his bike this past weekend at the Dew Tour finals in Vegas (he finished 6th in park!) makes an old man proud. My dad will be proud when I tell him about it too...
See more of it right here.


  1. I love hand refinishing. I wish kids did. Raw sandblast anyone? Thanks Scott. Dope shit.

  2. Send me one and I'll blast & return it for you.