Wednesday, October 20, 2010

helmet laws suck

...but helmets save lives. There have been three widely publicized head injuries in BMX in the last week. Two riders in Vegas in comas. One rider in Oregon died. The horrible and sadly ironic part is that all three were wearing helmets. It has been suggested that full-face MX style helmets are the answer, but I'm not sure it is. I can't imagine wearing a full face at the trails. Your vision is limited and the weight of the helmet is a hindering. It's time to meet somewhere in the middle. I've long been an advocate of helmets but I'm going to take action....


  1. Come on Scott: the visibility argument doesn't hold water. SX dubs are 80 feet at 30mph. If vision were hindered by gear, these guys would be dead. I think BMXers need Leatt braces, too. Enough carnage! Dress for the crash, not the mall.

  2. True, McGoo. But kids won't go to fullfaces overnight. Not to mention, do you think that fullfaces are an option for street riding? Won't happen. I think that Scott was alluding to developing a better-protecting brain bucket than we have now. That seems like a positive step.