Tuesday, November 16, 2010

There are a hundred stories behind this picture and they are all good. It's been a couple of months since we lost Chris Yankee but I still think about him every day. The wild moves, the modest reactions, the laughter...it all lives forever in the hearts of those that knew him.

"It's like being a kid on Christmas eve you see the gifts but you can't open them until Christmas. The night before you're so filled with joy and wondering you can't sleep. That's how riding applies to me now. I know I can ride on the weekend but its the waiting, counting down the days and when it's finally here, I have butterflies and get all weak thinking of a new line or some trick."--Chris Yankee, 2003


  1. I hear ya dude. Such a good guy. Keep bringing out the pics you have. They are great to get the memories flowing. And they are some good memories for sure.

  2. That guy was one of a kind. My earliest memories was Chris and Solan teaching me how to go through the rhythm section at TRP in '99 or so. Every Sunday morning they'd be there. Probably did that for about a year straight.

  3. My son broke the news to me a couple of weeks ago so sad.Then a week later ran into Solan at the gas station.Chris was a great guy.When I first started riding again I met three guys in the first week that struck me as down to earth and very helpful.Chris,Teddy and Scott.Chris was always positive with me and easy to talk to.Many sat and sundays spent on the roll in at trp.After swaping stories we had found that we rodesome of the same trails as kids.Ride on in peace brother.