Friday, February 19, 2010


1964 was a good year cruising through the Catskills on my motorcycle. Notice the distinct lack of traffic. The couple pictured, Mr. & Mrs. Ford Kip, were retirees who's residence was the Airstream trailer pulled my a Dodge pick-up with an automatic transmission. I met them when I was hiking around a state park overlooking the Hudson River Valley. I rode by their trailer as I was leaving the park, I was flagged down by Ford who invited me for lunch. We fellow travelers had an interesting discussion about life on the road. The month was September and they were following the sun south for the winter.

When I worked at the World's Fair I had Wednesdays and Thursdays off and toured the Catskills where the small inns (bar and restaurant downstairs and rooms upstairs) were in many of the small towns. Patrons would notice the Michigan plate on my motorcycle and inquire if I had ridden the bike to New York. When I mentioned I worked at the World's Fair they would ask me about the Fair. Nice way to travel and meet people a see the rural countryside.

A few years ago Betty and I toured the Catskills enroute to the Adirondacks. The Rockland House bar, restaurant and hotel is still open in Roscoe, NY. When I stayed overnight in 64 my room cost $3.00 with a bathroom down the hall. I was the only guest so it was my private bathroom.


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